Development and integration of fintech business solutions

Financial technologies or fintech is a fast-growing industry that is gaining more and more influence every day. We aim to help our clients to deploy its opportunities at the largest scope to receive maximum benefits. We implement all innovation technologies of the industry in convenient finance management fintech applications.
Fintech services
Our team develops fintech products and solutions that meet the needs of both small startups and large financial and non-financial companies. The development process is conducted according to agile principles: the product requirements are formalized in the technical description, a special team then writes a code; after that, we test it and release a ready product. This is all done within an agreed time.
Our services:
Development of fintech applications
Development of mobile applications
UX/UI and web design
Banking fintech and digital banking
Fintech payments solutions
Data analysis
Fintech consulting
Solutions for main tasks
User friendly
Users are always attracted to more solid and simple scenarios of interaction with financial systems. The main goal of our UX specialists is to analyse formulated functional requirements and ready design and to implement it in a convenient user interface that would be easy to use both in a mobile app and web or desktop versions.
Top safety
We design and develop fintech products with complex access and identity management systems, data encoding, tools to validate top safety, compliance with regulations and tracking through all the levels of the ecosystem.
Full integration
We can build coherent integrations to optimize your business including payment platforms for third party suppliers, loan approval systems, accounting software or HR management software.
High reliability
We exploit the reliability analysis built on user scenarios, verified design methods and software engineering as well as heavy load testing on all the stages of the development to comply with SLA standards and assure the system work 24/7 regardless of its load.
Maximum efficiency
Our team has a solid background in failure detection and elimination on all system levels, including network configuration, backend, databases and client applications.
We help companies to cope with the growing amount of legal requirements providing our clients with the development of financial solutions that meet GDPR and even such strict rules as SOX, Basel II, PCI DSS

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