e-Commerce solutions

We can develop a specific e-Commerce solution along with an entire platform, including the creation of business scenarios that are both attractive to users and are profitable for business owners. We can create products for different types of companies: online exchanges, marketplaces, trading platforms.
Our internet business solutions:
  • operation costs optimization;
  • employees work automatization;
  • the creation of the buyers' personalization system;
  • payment systems integration, internal developments or third party services;
  • eCommerce platform development from scratch and integration into established business processes
eCommerse solutions development processes:
  • evaluation of a few business models and choice of the most optimal one for your requirements;
  • collection of data about the key audience of the project, concept creation;
  • user scenarios design;
  • interface design;
  • front- and back-end development of the product;
  • testing, bug detection and elimination;
  • product launch within a certain period;
  • project support;
E-commerce platform development advantages for your business:
  • product catalogue management;
  • convenient and fast customer service and order processing;
  • supply management from other platforms;
  • paperwork and other regular processes automatization;
  • marketing tools connection opportunity;
  • flexible feedback and reporting tools management;
  • financial transactions information transparency, comprehensive data analysis;
  • transactions processing monitoring;
  • expansion of client coverage and conversion increase;
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