Blockchain and crypto solutions

OWNR SOLUTIONS is at the cutting edge of modern tendencies in blockchain development. We work with blockchain since 2017 and we have accumulated some expertise and knowledge that we can use to implement your projects. The main principles of blockchain solutions development in every industry are safety and efficiency. Our team stands out with high qualifies developers, smooth internal processes and an efficient approach to quality control.
Smart-contract development

We develop solutions for smart contracts to automize transactions and block third party authentification. It is proved that such an approach guarantees the trust of the business owners and end-users.

Mobile application integration

We integrate the already working products of our clients into mobile applications with REST API. Thus we simplify all blockchain operations for end-users.

Cryptocurrency solutions development

We offer a platform for the development of a cryptocurrency trading platform with an average of 10 cryptocurrencies. We provide such services as user registration, cryptocurrency deposits support, trading panel development and others.

Blockchain development team outstaffing

We can provide a separate team of blockchain developers. Our developers have skills, experience and knowledge that will allow you to create a new project from scratch or improve an existing solution quicker and more efficient.

What we do in terms of implementation of a separate project:
  • Analysis of the requirements and choice of the optimal platform and technology;
  • Design of documentation with a detailed description of technical solutions;
  • Development;
  • Code review and unit tests;
  • System tests of functionality;
  • Safety tests including external audit;
  • Performance tests;
  • Support and revision (if required);

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